Optical elements

Optical elements made of glass and crystalls

Optical elements
made of glass and crystalls

Small-sized, high-precision lenses
clear aperture3...50 mm
Mean accuracy lenses
clear aperture50...300 mm
Leucosapphire lenses and windows
diameterup to 70 mm
Optical wedges
clear apertureup to 630 mm
thickness0.1 of diameter
Precision prisms
deviation of angular parameter±1...5"
Corner reflector with an error in clear aperture4"
Mean accuracy plates
clear apertureup to 500 mm
Large-sized optics: mirrors, lenses, windows
clear apertureup to 860 mm
Plates and lenses made of crystalsNaCl, KCl, KBr,ZnSe, Ge, CaF2, liF, BaF2, Al2O3 and others
Active elements made of Nd-glass:
planeup to 50026040 mm
cylindricalup to Ø140330 mm
Quartz plates λ/2 (λ=0.6328 μm)
wavefront distortionλ/10
Details made of glass and vitreous ceramics connected by a deep optical contactup to 25025050 mm
Waveguides of different configuration made of metal and ceramics for 2 lasersup to 450 mm in lenght
Souvenirsoptical glass

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