Optical elements

Laser mirrors

Laser mirrors


The mirrors are intended for industrial lasers and used both in cavities and external transporting and forming optical systems with radiating power up to 10 kW and more.

Technical data
Wavelength range, µm2...14
Reflectivity»99.0% (λ=10.6 µm)
Optical surface shapeflat, spherical, off-axis, aspherical
MaterialCu, Si, Al
Size10...500 µm
Roughness Rq0.002...0.006 µm
Точность формы оптической поверхности (σrms)up to λ/10 on clear aperture
up to 500 mm

The mirrors can also be supplied with mounting and cooling elements to keep the optical surface shape while in installation and operation.

Engineering information:

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