Aspheric optics

Участок асферики

Aspheric optics

The elements of aspheric optics are indispensable for creation of:
  • sophisticated telescopes with reflective objective
  • precision optical collimators
  • spectroradiometers in the range from 0.4 to 15 mm
  • other devices and systems
  • ряда других приборов и систем

Technical Data
Substrate materialglass, quartz, sitalстекло, кварц, ситалл
Clear aperture, mmup to 800
Shape of surfaceparaboloid, hyperboloide, llipsoid, aspherics of order highпараболоид, гиперболоид, элипсоид,
асферика высших порядков
Ratio of clear aperture to focal lengthup to 1/3
Surface curvature, mmup to 10
Asphericity, mm *)up to 1000 and above
Surface accuracy *)λ/10 (at λ=0,63 µm)

*) the maximum asphericity and accuracy vary with the surface parameters and the material properties.

Engineering information: