Optical and optoelectronic devices for inspection and observation


率-800, 率-1000, 率-2000


Collimators based on the parabolic off-axis mirrors 率-800, 率-1000, 率-2000 intended for obtaining fine parallel rays in a wide spectral range.


Collimators 率-800, 率-1000, 率-2000 are essential for adjustment and testing of optical devices and instruments, among them telescope objectives and spectrophotometers. It makes it possible to install the equipment taken from the optical bench kit 窝-2 together with collimators. Collimators 率-800, 率-1000, 率-2000 can be included into precise autocollimators

Technical data
  率-800 率-1000 率-2000
Primary mirror Parabolic off-axis mirror
Mirror material 耸5, 耸7, glassceramics 耸7
Coating of the mirror surface Aluminum, copper Aluminum 玎蝽 镱牮桢
Clear aperture of mirror, mm 210 200
Effective focal length, mm 825* 1011 200810
Linear field, mm 10 20 50,8
Height Focusing range, mm 10
Overall dimensions**
(W H L), mm
442x470x623 442x470x1098 5665422096
*The possibility to increase focal length up to 2000 mm
**Overall dimensions with installed dust caps.

The possibility to install the equipment taken from the optical bench kit 窝-2.

NII OEP JSC provides additional services - primary certification of collimator.


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