Optical and optoelectronic devices for inspection and observation



"ETNA PN", multispectral optoelectronic system for panoramic monitoring is intended for early detection of the unauthorized people, transport, and swimming vehicles penetration in the closed territories and areas of water.

Multispectral optoelectronic system ETNA PN allows video surveillance to be implemented with a high spatial resolution in visible and thermal spectral ranges. Photodetectors produced in Russia are applied for these spectral ranges.

Implementation of continuous circular scanning allows one to monitor large areas in absolute darkness, fog or smoke, to discover breakers, hidden in the forest, bushes or in the grass.

To provide the all-around looking, the optical-mechanical unit is placed on the rotating platform, installed on the stationary structure (covering, footing, rod, etc.). Platform height is specified by the required distance for observation and terrain topography.

Connection of the system with the distant security, with the automation equipped operator working place (AWP) is accomplished on local network TCP/IP Ethernet. That interface can be implemented on the protected wireless carrier WiFi too.

Basic parameters
Guarding zone7
Observation of guarding zone:
     - in azimuth (in horizontal), °C180/360
     - elevation bearing (in vertical), °Cup -30 to +90
Scan(ning) velocity in azimuth, °/с up 36 to 72
Instantaneous FOV, mrad 0,35
Detection distance:
     - human (being), km 2,6
     - automobile, km 5,1
System mass, kg 20
DC circuit power consumption 24V, W 50
Ambient operating temperature, °С up -40 to +50
Guaranteed life, years 5
Binding of images to topographic terrain map
Archiving image data
One operator serves the system

Delivery set:
  1. Optical-mechanical unit (OMU) containing electronic module intended to control the operating conditions and a module for digital processing and image signal transmission;
  2. Rotating platform (RP);
  3. Applied software (AS);
  4. Operating and user manual (for AWP operator);
  5. SPTA set;
  6. package for transportation.

Delivery time - 7 months.
Putting into operation, training of an operator- 1 month.
Guarantee time - 5 years.

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Engineering information:

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