Full-scale tests



This facility has been developed to study and measure the output of power supplies and to quantify the performance of data recording systems for optoelectronic devices at the stages of research, design project and quantity production under simulated natural conditions.

Facility includes:

  • Full-scale optical range with a railroad: length 2600 m, width 50 m

  • Engineering equipment
    • Laboratory complex located at the beginning of the optical range
    • Two mobile laboratories integrated into railway wagons able to move along the track on the 2.67 km range, with external power supply and a self-contained nitrogen-supply
    • Locomotive car equipped with electric supply of 50 kW , 50 Hz
    • Working floors - 12 pieces

  • Metrological equipment
    • Automatic weather complex includes:
      • Instrument to measure the weather parameters of atmosphere
      • Visibility recorder
      • Computer for collection and processing of the atmosphere parameters
    • VK-1 jet engine-based simulator of thermal radiation
    • MIG-19 aircraft-based laser locators
    • Simulators of low-temperature objects (heated gauged screens)
    • Diffuse reflectors (4 pieces)
    • Wavelengths for laser emitters: 0.3…10.6 mm

Optoelectronic systems to be investigated
  • TV, thermal imaging and thermal direction finding systems
  • Thermal homing heads of "IGLA" type
  • Laser semiactive homing systems and target designators
  • Optoelectronic subsystems to protect military and civil objects against modern high-accuracy weapons

Basic characteristics under study
  • Detection and identification range under weather exposure
  • Accuracy of distance measurement
  • Linear and angular resolution
  • Noise immunity