Light tests

A complex of test facilities is used to investigate the action of the high-power incoherent radiation on the optical and constructional materials, to test the present-day instrumentation and their elements to light, to simulate and make diagnostics of radiation caused by natural and man-caused plasma formations in the atmosphere, among them the Sun, forest fires, explosions, shock-compressed layers etc. The system includes a network supply of 3 MW power, capacity storages and electric discharge plasma sources of optical radiation working in a pulsed and continuous mode based on the xenon lamps and magnetically confined discharge.

Facility simulation of high-power radiation intended for testing of the ground-based large optoelectronic instrumentation is carried out with a quasi-continuous source of optical radiation based on the 14-lamp-panel with pulsed xenon lamps 16/530. Irradiated spot is up to 350 W/m2, pulse duration of specified shape is up to 10 sec., irradiated area of patterns is up to 1 m2.

Research into the action of solar radiation on materials and the devices elements and their testing for light ageing are made with short-arc xenon lamps of high-pressure up to 10 kW power. The possibility exists of reproducing both the solar constant and quick tests with a limiting irradiance in the focal spot up to 300 W/cm2. Spectral distribution of radiant flux in UV, visible and IR spectral ranges makes 7, 36, 57 %/Δλ.

Simulation of radiation caused by natural and man-caused plasma formations in atmosphere in order to test devices and materials is based on the magnetically confined discharge (MCD) with pulsed quasi-continuous sources of optical radiation. The radiance temperature of plasma, generated in a tray measuring 20x6, 5x2 cm is 30000 . Emittance at pulse duration of 3 ms and discharge current up to 30 reaches 106 W/cm2. Quasi-continuous CD with a radiance plasma temperature up to 6000 with optical source of radiation measuring 8x2, 5x2 cm allows one to realize pulse duration up to 1 s. Technical features of MCD optical sources of radiation provide simulation of the shock-compressed layer and the aircraft parameters for entry into the Earth atmosphere.

Simulation of the shock-compressed layer with MCD:
1 - artificial Earth satellites; 2 - intercontinental ballistic missiles; 3 - flying vehicles returned from the lunar orbit; 4 - flying vehicles returned from the orbits of the outer planets;
5 - parameters of the shock-compressed layer simulated by MCD