Optical tests



This is intended for assembly, alignment and measurement of optical characteristics of large long-focus lenses and catadioptric optical systems in the visible and IR spectral ranges. A test bed based on the optical facility allows one to make the energy calibration and to measure the output characteristics of optoelectronic devices with an entrance pupil diameter of up to 1000 mm when simulating real background conditions.

Technical data
Operating spectral rangevisible and IR
Focal length of collimator, m15 and 25
Clear aperture of collimator, mm985 1850
Inside diameter of a landing ring for device-holder, mm2000
Simulation of real background conditions in spectral range, µm0.5...3.5


Facility F7000

This is intended to align and measure optical characteristics of optical and mechano-optical systems up to 600 mm in diameter.

The facility includes: collimator with a focal unit, a device-holder, a set of measuring devices.

Technical data
Focal length, mm7010
Clear aperture, mm710
Diameter of central screening, mm170 at the most
Angular size of point objects for a collimator, microrad1.5 to 435
FOV of collimator, microrad1500


Photometric facility 2

This is intended for measurement of the light scattering coefficient of optical systems with optical diameter up to 500 mm in the IR spectral range in accordance with State Standard 24724-81.

Technical data
Spectral range, µm0.4...3.5
Inside diameter of integrating sphere, mm2000
Reflection factor of the integrating sphere inner surface, %75
Clear aperture of the collimator lens, mm550
Focal distance of collimator lens, mm2000
Luminance relation between black object and inner surface of integrating sphere, per unit7·10-4
Diameters of inner surfaces of the integrating sphere ring insertion, mm25...110